Speak Thai! key phrases while traveling in Thailand

learn to speak Thai

Learn to Speak Thai!

Traveling to Thailand? Want to learn Thai? Here are my 10 key phrases to know! I love learning how to talk to locals, even just a little bit goes a long way when you are traveling in a new, exciting country! Especially in the Land of Smiles, aka Thailand!


Chok dee ka!

learn to speak Thai

learn to speak Thai

learn to speak Thai

learn to speak Thai

Note: “gin” starts with a “g” that is a guh sound (as in goose or grass).

Saying “Gin kow” literally translates to “eat rice”, a popular saying in Asian cultures for “Let’s eat!”

When someone asks you how the meal was, you can simply say, “Aroy mak” to show that you loved it!

OR “Aroy mak mak” if it was REALLY tasty!


Are there some Thai phrases you think that I missed and should be included in the comic? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!

And stay tuned for more!



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