This is a list of all of the things I love to take with me on my travels and that have made my life easier as a traveler. Every week, I get messages from people asking me what camera I use, how to book cheap flights, what companies offer the best experiences…the list goes on and on.

So! I’ve spent the past three days compiling this MEGALIST of ALL of the Things I Love!!! I’ve also taken the time to paint each item, so the list will continue to expand as I finish more and more paintings of the things I love. Stay tuned!

All of these things I have used personally on my travels and they have made my life easier, so enjoy!



Last year I upgraded to the very light, fully weatherproof Fujifilm X-T1. And I haven’t looked back since! I love how it operates like an old film slr, the ISO and shutter speed dials on the outside of the camera and the aperture on the outer ring of the lens. This means I can shoot in full manual just like a film slr camera!


Super quiet and discreet, I have taken a lot of my favourite candids on this beautiful camera from Fuji. I love the leather case that makes it look even more like an old rangefinder film camera too. 


Nikon AW130

I love snorkeling, and I wanted something with a little bit better image quality than my GoPro. I find this underwater camera to be the best in low light!

GOPRO Hero 3+

GoPro cameras are great for Scuba Diving! I love my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition. It is super light weight so it’s easy to pack and take anywhere! 

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For the cheapest flights, I use Skyscanner ! If you’re like me and use your iPhone for everything, you can download the app and search through hundreds of airlines, across millions of routes to get you the best deals anywhere you want to go!

Browse through “Top Deals” on the app and hit Search Everywhere to find super cheap flights to literally anywhere and everywhere in the World!

Download the app now! 


When booking accommodation on my travels, I use Agoda the best site to book hotels around the globe! Whether its a bungalow or a luxury hotel, I always check Agoda first for the best discounts on accommodation. 

For a more “authentic” stay, I have started using Airbnb. It’s way cheaper than a hotel, and I feel more like a local when staying in a cool flat or house.


I’ve always loved Lonely Planet, their books are a great way to pass the time when I am not traveling and just want to daydream about where to go next! I love their pictures too. 

When I am looking online for the best things to do on my trip, I usually check out TripAdvisor first. They have some really great ideas and you can check out reviews from other travelers before you book! 



I love Viator’s tours because they are led by locals and go to places that might be difficult to get to if you are on your own.

I am considering book a tour with G Tours in the future as they offer off the beaten path tours with authentic accommodation and cultural experiences. I hate big tours and love that they are small groups that support local communities.




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