Why I Travel…

I was born into a family of Traveler’s. My Grandparents fell in love and traveled the World together during a time when it was not so easy as it is now. They had countless adventures, seeing countries all over the world before Tourism was considered “normal”. My Grandmother gave birth to their five children in Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Saipan, and Ghana- where my father was born. 
As a child, I grew up listening to my father’s stories about being chased by wild baboons through the desert and swimming with nurse sharks off the Ivory Coast. In our living room was a giant framed painting of zebras running with the quote, “There is a place on Earth where it is still the morning of life; Africa the Serengeti.” I remember looking up at that big colorful painting, daydreaming about lions and wild elephants, wondering if I would ever get to explore the world as my father did. 

My Aunt and Uncles as children in Ghana, Africa

At family reunions, my Aunt would open up her scrapbook of family photos with surreal backdrops of Accra or Sao Paulo, handing me shells and other trinkets from far off lands with names I couldn’t pronounce. I would sit and listen to her tell me about being born on an island and going to different schools all over the world. 

Then, my uncles would come in and tease each other about their high school days in Bogota and Africa. I would sit in awe, listening to their Amazing stories, wanting to Travel the World on my own someday. 

These stories shaped me into the person I am today, giving me an unquenchable thirst for Travel and Adventure.


After years of hearing all of his amazing stories, I left to go travel the world, with nothing but my backpack and a head full of dreams. Now I want to use this insatiable wanderlust for the greater good. Helping others by volunteering and raising funds for those in need. Once you’ve seen true poverty, it’s impossible to turn your back on it.

I’m dreaming up big things on The Wandering Orange and thru my photography so stay tuned. And let those dreams of yours soar into the stars, for who knows where they might take you.

Traveling is where I find the other half of my soul.
This is why I travel.
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  • Voted! I too grew up in a very international family. My relatives' homes were always covered with trinkets from all the corners of the globe. I think that certainly inspired some of the wanderlust in me. 😉

  • Thanks for voting! I unfortunately didn't get the Sole Sister internship, but I am still blogging on my own! I absolutely LOVE traveling and don't think I will ever give it up! Do you have a travel blog? 🙂

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